LimeFx Center review: Is it a legit or scam forex broker?

I have been trading with them for 6 months and I lost about $75,000.00 with them. I still didn’t mind then until they finally closed my account and restricted me from withdrawals after I made a very huge deposit. It was really devasting and heartless losing all my fortune to this company during this trading period.

LimeFx Center scam

The receipt was labeled as PYRAREX Limited which is linked with another online company called Yaa Mart. I also tried calling the number listed on the receipt and the male that answered said “wrong limefx broker reviews number” and hung up. None of those names appear on’s site. I will be disputing charge and hope this site gets taken down. They are selling accounts and stuff from the game lordsmobile.

So far I have reported them to Federal Trade Commission and FBI internet complaint department. These sites use payment portals, like paypal which gives to buyer a false sense of security. During disputes these portals insist to return items on buyer’s cost before getting full refund. For $39.95 refund, buyer may have to spend almost same amount or more for shipping. and are scam sites. They offer products at less than half manufacturing costs to steal your credit card information.

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The supervisors at the OSJs are not employees of the franchisor and often run their own brokerage, insurance and other businesses. They are not devoted full-time supervisors of the smaller branch offices. Consequently, OSJ managers cannot and do not supervise the day-to-day operations of the registered representatives of these Independent broker-dealers. out of Fate, TX but in reality, China. Fake business. PayPal is aware.

I now have no money and I am paying 2 loans on my salary as they refused to pay out. I was told he would trade on my account to get the additional £10k I could not pay but he then took my account down to approx. Please stay away from this company as this is a SCAM. Affordable trading instruments and very effective trading advice. I am happy to recommend this broker company. They’ve got really very excellent services and professional people.

Is this company for real? The profits and what they do just sounds way too good to be true. Very helpful and friendly customer care. I never had any problem dealing with this broker, they are always good to me. I have a lot of options here to trade with.

LimeFx Center scam

LimeFx Center’s rapid growth has not been without consequences. The LimeFx Center, Inc. (“LimeFx Center”) (CRD# 17839) has many different complaints filed by state regulatory organizations, FINRA , and investors. 4) You sign a declaration of withdrawal once funds have been received. All LimeFxs have risks. No one can guarantee a specific return on an LimeFx.

One of the best brokers I have ever dealt with. Shows professionalism at all times. They have 24-hour market access to shares and index which is really a good thing for me. I have no complaints about the services and I am happy with my profit.

DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING from the website, a company based in London, England. They advertise on FB, usually fun, holiday-based items. I placed an order last month, received order confirmation….then nothing. Package finally arrived two days ago . The package contained a large, cheap, white plastic sheet with a hole in it, plus 4 double-sided tape squares…but not the item I had ordered.

All services are very efficient. Withdrawals are always fast. I never had any issues with all transactions I had with them from day 1 up to these days. I get really great trading options from this broker.

Business email compromise (BEC) continued to be significant.

Paypal is a scam supporter. Paypal Canada is just as dirty as the scam. Avoid Yarddiant web lounge at all cost. They are scammers / will not test the basics of what they do, instead they scam you saying it works to get paid. What’s your story?

The link below will take you to my Pinterest board where several others have replied that they, too, have been ripped off by this vendor. Let’s get into it. It makes you buy an item but then – although you get a confirmation of your purchase – you will not get it delivered . Refrain from trusting online promotions for gift cards, gas cards, verification websites, and participating in recharge activities.

Luckily, there are some key things you can look for as a guarantee for safety. As for The LimeFx Center, we looked at the brokerage and are ready to report the results. Prompt payouts and great customer service. I am happy and satisfied. They have very reliable and good service for online trading, deposits and payouts are always fast.


Among the several brokers I have used, they have the best trading platform. Features aren’t just nice but also very helpful. Highly skilled partner in online trading. You can rely on trading advice and people are very professional. I am so much happy and satisfied with my trading profit. Services are very reliable.

  • I love trading with them.
  • I have been trading with them for more than a year and they never fail to amaze me with good signals and services.
  • I am satisfied with both services and profit.
  • The conditions that you get are definitely above average for the LimeFx, and they only improve as you go up.

My tools and the signals are very good. Happy to have switched to this broker. I get better services, better profit and I am dealing with better people. Easy to withdraw profit and signals are reliable. I will keep this broker service. I get amazing trading tools and advice.

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I can only contact them if I sign up but I don’t want to give them anymore information. All of this are Fraudent people and have fake shops. Timberland mshops, they are advertising on instagram and selling timberland shoes for 20$. If you are stupid enough to order, like I was, you will get a cheap fake gucci scarf, hahahaha. Legitimate companies pay big bucks for advertising and proofreading.

What is The LimeFx Center, Inc.?

Fast and smooth withdrawal process. They are always attentive to trading concerns and needs. I am truly satisfied with the 24 hours customer support who are always ready to help me. I gain good profiot here and I am satisfied with the services. The best choice to trade forex with. Signals and services are all worthwhile.

I received an email immediately thanking me for my order and telling me I would receive an email with the shipping info. On their website it says they ship to U.S. in 5 to 7 days. After 10 days with no email, I sent an email to them saying that if I did not hear from them I would report them as a scam. I heard from them then! They made excuses about being on back order and would send me info when it shipped.

I never had any problem with the services for the past six months. I am getting really good profit. They are highly skilled in providing trading advice. The signals and services are both amazing. I love trading with them. This broker perfoms far better than the several broker I have traded in the past.