What Is The Document Life Cycle Management System & Why Does It Matter For Your Business?

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Have you ever tried to follow the trail of a stick or a pinecone that was placed in a river, watching as it flows away? The stick or pine cone represents the product or service and the river represents the various places that the object passes through. Before we delve into just what each stage of the life cycle represents, let’s first define the product life cycle. As an Investor, to profit from the market you should be able to spot the error in market perception. HUL and Reliance Industries are two companies which are often overpriced and underpriced.

Depending on the purpose, the document will have to be distributed internally or externally. At this stage, the document has meaningful information ready to be consumed. At this stage, the document lifecycle management system can make the document read-only or allow limited edit access when the document has to go through complex workflows. In this stage, the document is actively accessed by multiple stakeholders.


It is also important to note that many external factors will affect the product’s growth. The economic conditions, policies, and most importantly, the consumer sentiment towards the product and brand influence its growth. Thus, keeping them in mind during the product cycle review will help give better direction to strategizing the product’s longevity.

Integrating social media into product life cycle:

Find important definitions, questions, meanings, examples, exercises and tests below for How do we describe the business life cycle?. Yet, while the electric car is not necessarily new, the innovations that companies like Tesla have come up with in recent years are persistently adjusting to new changes in the electric car market. It is also important that when your product is clearly in the “Decline” stage and cannot be revived that you discontinue it before it becomes loss making. The organization may assess various service opportunities as a ‘life cycle’ rather than an independent event or even a set of solitary events. It is useful in combining each service-based process into a separate, yet complex series of workflows as well as related business processes.

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At , you get small business ideas, startup and business blogs, trending world business news, and success tips that ensure sustainable growth and development of your business under one roof. In this stage, sales slow down, indicating that the market has begun to reach saturation. With products reaching saturation, competition is higher than at another location, and profits start getting thinner by the day. Is a systemic model that depicts how a company develops and is a significant idea that has persistently been helpful throughout the ages. A business’s management must have a solid understanding of the business cycle. Various business cycles will contribute to distinct financial indicators for the company’s current roster and bottom line .

How to Use the Product Life Cycle

These include the likes of fast-moving consumer goods like Surf Excel or Coca Cola. For some products like CDs and pen drives, the maturity phase was short-lived, and these products are today in decline. For the latest updates, news blogs, and articles related to micro, small and medium businesses , business tips, income tax, GST, salary, and accounting.

The shakeout stage sees a continued rise in sales but a decline in profits. With sales increasing and profits falling, costs increase significantly. Companies begin to make money as soon as they surpass the break-even point, as revenues rise quickly. The profitability level is lower than sales, though, as the revenue cycle still runs behind the selling process.

Stages of Product Life Cycle

Complementary products also start to become available in the market, so people have greater benefits from purchasing the product and its complements. As demand increases, product price goes down, which further increases customer demand. At the growth stage, revenue continues to rise and companies start generating positive cash flows and profits as product revenue and costs surpass break-even. The growth phase of the product life cycle provides businesses with plenty of customer and sales data. It helps to strategize marketing budgets, product development and recognize areas of improvement.

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What Is a Product Life Cycle?.

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At this point, social media marketers can see whether a given piece of content is gaining traction on the social media platforms. “Early adopters” will start sharing the content with their networks thus building the reach of it. ClearTax offers taxation & financial solutions to individuals, businesses, organizations & chartered accountants in India. ClearTax serves 1.5+ Million happy customers, 20000+ CAs & tax experts & 10000+ businesses across India. A product is a result of an idea set within the limits of modern business. It is not likely to be further proceeded with until research and development are complete and found feasible as well as potentially profitable.

While AI has been in development for many years, the industry is constantly pushing the envelope and developing new products that are nearing the PLC introduction stage. At this point, marketing is primarily concerned with avoiding competition, and businesses frequently develop new or modified products in order to reach different market segments. For example, a bakery would do this by adding more flavors, changing its packaging, or even lowering its price offering.

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The entire process, as well as the individual steps, are never consistent. Certain items may appear to be stuck in a particular stage indefinitely. Products, like our friend the frog, go through various stages of development.

Lays out the five stages of small business growth and explains how you can navigate each stage in your business. To be successful, you have to take the right steps at the right time. At the startup stage, customer demand is limited due to unfamiliarity with the new product’s features and performance. There is also a lack of complementary products that add value for the customers, limiting the profitability of the new product. Many of us struggle to iron out exactly what that is, let alone figure out how to build one from scratch.

A new product may pass through four distinct stages of development. This concept is used by management and marketing professionals to determine when it is appropriate to increase advertising, reduce prices, expand into new markets, or redesign packaging. The process of planning ways to continuously support and maintain a product is referred to as product life cycle management.

Which have captured significant market share and are strong cash generating companies. Because these companies have a high market share in a category they usually have low single digit growth rates in sales. Because there is limited growth potential in sales the focus is usually on lower costs and increasing profit margins. Industry life cycle analysis is a tool for assessing industries and companies based on the stages of development at a particular period. Businesses and analysts use the industry life cycle analysis to evaluate the developmental stage a business is in and also make future projections of the performance of the business or industry. Understanding the business life cycle can help entrepreneurs and business owners make better decisions about growth, financing, and resource allocation.

Those that have been released to the market are still in their infancy, as they are still being tested and adopted by consumers. The typewriter is a classic example of the product life cycle in action. Typewriters quickly gained popularity when they were first introduced in the late 1800s as a technology that improved the ease and efficiency of writing.

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Your business life cycle can easily implement cloud-based solutions without huge capital investment. The DMS solution makes it easier to manage documents and promotes automation and integration, paving the way for a complete digital transformation. Creativity and research is the key to enabling any social media platform go through a long product life cycle stages. The wise social media markers must keep their eyes on product life cycle strategies of the social platform. This information can help you to better understand the performance of platform and can help you to strategize your future social media marketing endeavors.

Otherwise, you’ll lose out on real customers, which means serious effects on your bottom line. Declining companies are companies who have lost their significance in the Industry. They maybe losing market share either to technological advancements or industry disruption.

The material and information contained herein is for general information purposes only. Consult a professional before relying on the information to make any legal, financial or business decisions. Khatabook will not be liable for any false, inaccurate or incomplete information present on the website. Sales, profitability and cash flow are all on the decrease in the last phase of the firm’s life cycle. At this stage, businesses realise that they can not extend their enterprises’ lives through environmental adaptation. They eventually exit the market after losing their competitive edge.

Consequently, these metrics are equally important for all parties involved, including banking institutions , clients, vendors, and others. WeP has the best software for document management system that can be implemented quickly to digitize all your business documents quickly, efficiently, and effectively. It is the best solution to scale up your business rapidly with improved partner collaboration. Sometimes, the document needs multiple edits from multiple users to make the content usable.

The product introduction phase usually includes a significant investment in advertising and a marketing campaign centred around creating consumer awareness about the product and its benefits. As the demand grows, the production of the product is increased, and its availability expands. While the product life cycle and service life cycle may be managed differently in an organization, they are both determined by the time period for which they can be marketed.

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  • Price wars continue, several products are withdrawn and cost control becomes the way out for most products in this stage.
  • The cash flow eventually turns favourable during the expansion period.
  • The life cycle is broken down into four stages that help to identify where in the market the product or service is at the current time.

The cash flow eventually turns favourable during the expansion period. When it comes to the social media plan cycle, the maturity stage is when you know your content has been consumed and shared by “early and late majority” adopters. This means that your mainstream readers are seeing and sharing your content. Typically, you’ll stop running advertising and rely on the network effect on social media. When you see the tweet promoting your content retweeted by an industry expert with a large following, you know the growth stage has started and that it’s time to own the content and invest in distribution. In general, the more specific you can get with your plan, the more effective you’ll be in its implementation.