Whenever Guri reach Rodia she is actually told to generally meet Organa within 2nd Chance local casino

Whenever Guri reach Rodia she is actually told to generally meet Organa within 2nd Chance local casino

Skeptical regarding Guri, Organa had set up for the majority cover in the way of Lando Calrissian and you can Chewbacca that would feel regional whenever you are she and you may C-3PO had the Black Sunshine representative. The first conference reached nothing, with Guri stating that she got team to attend to with the a community moon and had to slice the fresh meeting small, but it performed exit the new Rebels towards distinct impact you to definitely there is certainly one thing strange in the Guri.

Back to Coruscant, Guri was debriefed from the Xizor. Guri believed Organa looking into Black colored Sunlight are harmful and you can advocated killing their, plus Calrissian, Chewbacca, C-3PO and you may whoever know that they had visited Rodia to help you hop out no outlines. But not, Xizor had almost every other arrangements to own Organa and you may told Guri to fulfill together with her once again and you may render her so you can Coruscant with the intention that the guy might personally discover what she realized.

Whenever Guri returned to speak to Organa once more, the Rebels got hung good scanner tool and therefore quickly affirmed their suspicions-Guri was not Individual, though it couldn’t identify exactly what she was. To your scanner having were unsuccessful, Organa got C-3PO place a lying concoction for the Guri’s tea, assured that inside two hours she is knocked out, the Rebels you’ll make a closer study of her individual and you may outcomes. Then don’t have impression both continued in order to exchange diplomatic brief-speak up until Guri sick of legal proceeding and you can tried to abduct Organa in order to be restrained from the Calrissian, Chewbacca and you may Dash Rendar, that has arrived pursuing the first appointment, as the class decided what you should do. Just after much discussion, Organa offered to go to Coruscant with Guri throughout the Stinger, taking Chewbacca together. So that Organa to make it to Coruscant without getting identified, Guri considering her which have Boushh’s gowns and you may head protection, and therefore she had left immediately following their demise.

Slide out-of Black Sun [ ]

Xizor tried unsuccessfully so you can seduce Organa but she you will however show good for him due to the fact lure for Luke Skywalker. Affirmed, Skywalker involved attach a rescue taking Calrissian and you can Rendar with him and you can linking with Chewbacca who Xizor had allowed to eliminate. Yet not, Xizor had underestimated exactly how in a position to the group are. Immediately following dropping several products away from shields, the guy ordered Guri to bring Organa in order to your.

Organa, not, was already wishing if the droid showed up. She struck Guri along the straight back of one’s head just like the she joined the room, a blow who does has actually made a human unconscious, but and that only triggered Guri to help you briefly treat her harmony. It absolutely was enough to possess Organa to find external and lock the latest doorway. Since she ran, Guri began to break the doorway off. After and make their unique solution of your place, Guri gone back to Xizor therefore the a couple of them go off so you’re able to face the new invaders really.

When they fundamentally trapped using them a great firefight bankrupt aside. If you are Skywalker deflected blaster bolts with his lightsaber, the unarmed Guri took huge couch and you may hurled they down the latest corridor towards her or him. Chewbacca take to they off together with bowcaster. Understanding that these were outnumbered, Xizor retreated to the neighborhood room when you are Guri shielded him and then called the guards getting copy. Just like the shields arrived and you will a beneficial stalemate set up between them organizations, Guri tucked away.

A worthy difficulty [ ]

“I’m everything i have always been, Jedi. Really don’t envision there is certainly any salvation personally.” ?Guri, so you’re able to Luke Skywalker

The Rebels escaped immediately following planting a bomb, leaving only 5 minutes just before Xizor’s Castle was missing. Because they escaped, the team went towards Guri. With viewed their performance in the earlier struggle, Guri had decided one Skywalker would-be a deserving problem to own their overall performance. She persuaded the young Jedi so you’re able to toss aside his lightsaber and challenge unarmed. By using the Push, Skywalker were able to avoid Guri’s episodes. Temporarily losing their attention, Skywalker is kicked into flooring by Guri which gone to live in strike a destroying strike. With the fresh Push he was capable circulate off their blow and you may utilized a foot sweep to deliver their own to your floor, igniting their lightsaber.